Beguiled by the Wild Book

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A glorious compilation of Charley Harper's serigraphs spanning nearly three decades of his career. Beautiful, lush color plates are accompanied by witty text in the artist's own words. A must have for any art lover or Harper fan. Printed in 1994 by Flower Valley Press, © Charley Harper.

At the time of the book's release, not all of the works of art had actually been released as prints, although now only The Bottom Line appears to have that distinction, thanks to a new-millennium revival of interest; in the interest of spreading the powerful message describing the work, with its well-placed position as the last plate in the book, it has been re-printed below:
Will the human race self-destruct? Life on Earth has endured five major extinction spasms, all triggered by catastrophic natural disasters. Are we the next disaster, happening even as we speak? Are we both perpetrator and victim of the Sixth Extinction, which our proliferating population is unlikely to survive because it is squeezing the trigger? Are we, like an eagle downed by an arrow guided by its own tail feather, sowing the seeds of our own destruction? Stay tuned.
-Charley Harper
The work shows the very eagle described in the blurb.

Artist Charley Harper

Beguiled by the Wild Book

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